@KVINESDAL.NO Mira The TV Hostess

My workmate at is a very special woman (or girl?). She came from Kristiansand to Kvinesdal less than a year ago and is still here on probation. Nevertheless, we are working very well together and for she raised the quality of the content to a much higher level. A female in front of the camera is of course a lot better than yours truly!

Beside she has also real work to do. As a cultural consultant of the Kvinesdal kommune she has brought a huge deal of enthusiasm with her. During her mid-weeks spare time she is a member of the local choir and the gun shooting club here in Kvinesdal! Enough said?

Jan K. Transeth, who runs the record company Karmakosmetix Records in Kristiansand, is Mira’s husband and together they have two young children.


In 2005 I had the idea and gave the impetus to set up ERC24.COM and, together with Briton Tim Whittington and Dutchman Henk de Winter, became the founder of this by then all-new kind of Rallycross media. Since W&W decided to leave ERC24 in 2011 I have been in charge of running the website all myself.

To run a website like ERC24.COM would not be possible without regular contributors and financial partners. “RX Guru” and “Qba”, as mentioned below, have more or less been with ERC24 since its early days in 2006. And not to forget Briton Ryan Sutton, who was vital in helping to overcome the very difficult year 2011.

EDDI LAUMANNS (EL) – Journalist and Rallycross Historian

EDDI LAUMANNS (EL) – Journalist and Rallycross Historian


Tagged as “Rallycross Guru” by Austrian and Swiss motorsport journalists in the early 1980s, German Eddi Laumanns attended his first ever Rallycross event in 1974. In 1976 he began to write about Rallycross for different international media. Starting in 1977, for a quarter of a century he also took photos of his beloved motorsport.

Between 1978 and 2001 he covered the European Rallycross Championship for magazines, newspapers and books all over Europe and during 20 consecutive years did not miss out a single ERC event. However, getting tired of all the travelling, since 2002 Eddi attends only some selected ERC rounds every year, but keeps on writing about all aspects of Rallycross. Nowadays the German is rated by media colleagues as well as many motorsport fans “the walking encyclopaedia of Rallycross”.

No further introduction needed! ;)

BabyQba flanked by american celebreties Tanner Foust and Brian Deegan at X Games in Munich 2013.

Qba flanked by American celebreties Tanner Foust and Brian Deegan at X Games in Munich 2013.


The first time I met Qba was during the Polish 2006 ERC round. Back then the racetrack in Poland was full of local hobby photographers, trying to capture the action with by then 1st generation of mobile cameras. What a man does for a free ticket…

But among them there was this 18 years young and very enthusiastic Pole with more appropriate photo equipment. Qba showed me right from the first day that he was a really hard working and motivated person, despite of his young age. For this reason we wanted him to team-up with the crew of ERC24. Ever since myself and Qba have been like two shadows, wandering around the Rallycross tracks all over the world. We have shared everything. Mmmh, almost everything… Cameras, lenses, hotel-rooms, rental-cars, flights, food, beds, clothes, batteries, money, his “Hotel Laguna” [Renault Laguna], his tent, our work, our pictures – you name it, we shared it! And nobody comes earlier to the press rooms than we do. And nobody leaves later than us. Unless we moved our office to the hotel-room and felt asleep, with our heads knocked down onto the keyboard…

BabyQ back in 2006.

BabyQ back in 2006.

Despite our difference of age we work very well together. Maybe the reason is that he has always called me ‘Boss’ or ‘Captain Chaos’? I actually don’t know. Because of all this I have shared with him all my knowledge about photography and camera equipment. Because of his ability to work hard and learn from everyone these days he is one (!) of the best known snappers in the Rallycross paddocks. Well established with his own company Jakub Nitka works nowadays for some of the most respected companies in motorsport business, like Ford Racing, Olsbergs MSE and Tanner Foust.

Qba is single and his home town is Gdansk in Poland. But most of the year he lives “in a suitcase”, travelling to Rallycross races (as well as a Rally every now and then) all around the globe. As a matter of fact, nobody attends currently more Rallycross events than Qba.