@KVINESDAL.NO Mira The TV Hostess

My workmate at is a very special woman (or girl?). She came from Kristiansand to Kvinesdal less than a year ago and is still here on probation. Nevertheless, we are working very well together and for she raised the quality of the content to a much higher level. A female in front of the camera is of course a lot better than yours truly!

Beside she has also real work to do. As a cultural consultant of the Kvinesdal kommune she has brought a huge deal of enthusiasm with her. During her mid-weeks spare time she is a member of the local choir and the gun shooting club here in Kvinesdal! Enough said?

Jan K. Transeth, who runs the record company Karmakosmetix Records in Kristiansand, is Mira’s husband and together they have two young children.