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Rallycross Photolibrary. All photos by Eddi Laumanns.

Rallycross Photolibrary

In close cooperation with German “Rallycross Guru” Eddi Laumanns my company iRafoss is able to offer access to uncounted top quality Rallycross images of the sports’ history, from the late 1970s till 2013. Here you can find some photo examples from the early years of Rallycross.

iRafoss when it comes to Rallycross images... iRafoss when it comes to Rallycross images...

When it comes to Rallycross images…

FINALLY! By making a supreme effort I’ve produced my first own Rallycross photo portfolio. An image collection covering just some of my work of the last 10 to 15 years at the pan-European RX tracks. Thousands of photos have been checked and sorted out for a representative choice, packed into a 68 pages e-book with […]